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The Infinite Synergy App gives you the content  you need to achieve your fitness goals from anywhere.


The Infinite Synergy App gives you the tools and flexibility you need to take your fitness anywhere.

Energy Work

Reiki healing balances your body's energy to help reduce stress and anxiety.


The "So Good!" cookbook was created to bring healthy and comforting dishes to any table. 

Soulful Living Membership

This is membership is designed to activate your highest potential physically, spiritually and emotionally. Feeling stuck? No energy? Disconnected? Anxious? Nichole Jordan (NRT Practitioner) and I have created a holistic program to clean up your home, diet, relationships and ENERGY. Become a clear vessel to create the life that you want. 

Your monthly membership provides you with small steps to create new habits around five areas of development. The amazing part is that these areas of development are things that you ALREADY do! We just help you develop strategies to allow for new habits around the way you: 
1.  Move (Learn simple movement strategies that will keep your body flowing freely and feeling vibrant.)
2.  Eat (You have to do this every day...why not do it with the intention of enjoying foods of high vibration?)
3.  Sleep (relax, recover, receive)

4.  Think (elevate thought patterns)

5.  Connect (They say we are most like the top 5 people we hang around....let's connect with eagles and soar!)

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I was born to teach health and wellness, not from a privileged world of being born “on top”, but from the perspective of being challenged and learning to look for solutions, one step at a time. That’s what we will do for you. We are all composed of energy. That energy must be balanced in order to live in peace and harmony. I can’t wait to show you how to do this for yourself. 

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What Our Clients Say

Throughout the past few years I’ve been pregnant twice and figuring out my new normal after becoming a mom. It was important to me to stay physically active throughout my pregnancies and beyond. Terri has been a phenomenal coach through it all, encouraging me, helping me modify my workouts to fit my ever changing needs while still challenging myself, and connecting on a personal level. Joining class via zoom has helped me stay committed to my personal health and wellness, taking the commute out of my fitness routine and allowing me to fit my workouts in alongside my family responsibilities. As an added bonus, the littles will join us on occasion as well. 


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