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Get to know our "why"

Simon Synek's theory in understanding your "why" is that it helps tap into the part of your brain that influences your behavior. 

We all know how to live healthier - stay active and eat healthy. What gets us moving is why we are living a healthier life. 

We want to get to your "why" so that we can make the "how" enjoyable, attainable and sustainable. 

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Hi, I'm Terri,


I’m a Jesus Follower, wife to Derrick, and mom to Kendal (age 26). I'm also a bonafide Mexican food enthusiast - bring the spice!


For the past 30 years I have helped hundreds of people improve their lifestyles as a ACE certified personal trainer, reiki master, access the bars practitioner, yoga instructor, cookbook author, and fitness presenter.


My "why"


I grew up in a household that I would describe as turbulent. Chaotic. This is not a slam on my family. They were all doing the best they could. None the less, both my mother and step-father were morbidly obese and both died relatively early.


When my step-father was diagnosed with cancer, he weighed 575 pounds. He had to be weighed on a laundry scale because the hospital didn’t have a bariatric scale. I know this was tough on him. He always tried to do his best, but when he was stressed, he ate. He chose food to cope.


My mother was a beautiful soul. She tried to get us all to eat some sort of a vegetable with dinner, but she was a chronic dieter. I distinctly remember her telling me that the only way she could lose weight was to take one meal and divide it throughout the day (basically starve herself). Despite her dieting efforts, she was unable to keep her weight off. Our family just didn’t move much and we basically ate for sport.  


You could say that I have good genetics. I was relatively thin growing up. However, my good genetics (in terms of healthy weight) started to be outrun by my daily nutrition and lack of movement. Oh, and in an effort to be “grown up”, I started smoking at a VERY young age. I was a closet smoker until I was in my late 20’s. Since then, I have committed my life to learning about overall wellness, and teaching others how to better their lives.


Yes, If I look back on all of my experiences, yes there was turbulence, but there was also lots of love, laughter, great family and friends. My parents showed me contrast in exercise and nutrition. My brothers were both my tormentors and my protectors. My baby sisters taught me compassion and love. I know God was looking out for me. He gave me all of my experiences good and bad so that I could feel supported while I  learned to pivot and grow.

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